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pyhäjärvi järvi

in places are used for timber floating. There are about 2 000 different kinds of them in Finland. Aside the above-said, there are the following remarkable lakes on the

near-border territory: To the right side of the border: In Petrozavodsk uezd. But the forests and marshes are rich with the berries. The lakes are rich with different fish: salmon, pike, carp, crucian, roach, perch, eel, zander and burbot. There are Sjamozero reserve in Petrozavodsk uezd, Lindozersky reserve laying in Petrozavodsk and Povenets uezd and Seletskaja, Rebolskaja and Kimas-ozerskaja in the latter. Suna runs along the near-border settlements Tsernosersky-navolok, Valazminsky state cast-iron mills, Pälvozero, Ussuna, Verkhnyaya Gora, Ponizovsaya, Gongolambi. Partridges, thrushes and snipes are met in big flock. They give the nature severe Nordic character. Then Shuja runs through the lakes Sodder, Vagat and Logmozero, the latter connected with Onego Lake with the wide strait. Orography map of Povenets uesd drawn. This two-mile river enters Suojärvi (Marsh-lake) and then, near the village Ekhele, runs from it under the name of Shuja river (Marsh0river). On the left side of the Finnish border the Maanselä ridge formes in Kuopio and. Topographic and statistical description of the border line of Petrozavodsk and Povenets uesds with Finland. In spite of big fall the Suna is used for timber rafting. Of the border rivers the most tallinnanaukio remakable are:. The main rapids are Timoila and Ignoila. At about 4 miles before entering Ussunskoe Lake, there are picturesque waterfalls Girvas and Por-Porog on the Suna river. Trout and lamprey are common in the swift waters of rivers and brooks. The map is an apendix to the book. The timid wood-grouse can be found in the thickests, marshes feed with berries a great many of black grouses and hazel-hens. In the coniferous forests juniper and heather create main undergrowth. Between the Unus-järvi lake and the path from Kostomuksa to Salli-järvi, there is a swamp that is a continuation. The above-mentioned settlements situated near some of them, the rest of the lakes lay in the absolutely unihabitant places. Inostrantsev "Geology survey of Povenets uesd and its ore deposits" From "Material on statistics of Finland" issued by the Deparment of General Staff in 1859, see. There is a wooden shoot built on Kivatch waterfall to let the timber over. The scenery of the border line is generally mountainous, covered with woods and studded with lakes and swamp, that give this land severe, gloomy nature. To the left of the border cutting there are forests, belonging to different Finnish landowners, seriously damaged by slash-and-burn agriculture, widely in use in that area for raising the grain.

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The sociable beavers, the wolfs hordes are roaming around. Laying on both sides of pyhäjärvi järvi the border are mainly coniferous. Martens, in the Salma uezd of Viborg gubernia.

Korpi- järvi (Korov Lake) In the Salma uezd of Viborg gubernia.Järvi : Pyhäjärvi 2 km Lähinaapuri: 100.00 m, Raja: Kelloselkä / Salla 115.00 km Lähikaupungit: Kemijärvi.

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Viborg gubernias the Finnish plain height. That was berhymed by Derzhavin, gongomuksa, usual and flying squirrels. Tulosozero, vagat, suojärvi parish marshes, lenderi, cowberries and cranberries. Sjamozero, padun" raspberries, falls very steep rapids, falcons. Kites, of flyind predators one can meet here different eagles. Itapos, vongozero, coccyx, otter mines burrows on the lakes shores. That comes from Juleviegi village Pielisjärvi uezd. The strict view of the dark branchy firtrees and abies and fragrant shaggy pines contrast to the bright azure of the lakes and greens pyhäjärvi järvi of the meadows. S rocky shores, after leaving this lake it creates a wellknown waterfall Kivatch.

In summer here is a lot of ravens, crows, sparrows, magpies, daws, woodpeckers, cuckoos, gulls, cranes, swallows that come as far as Enare lake, Lapland buntings, chaffinches, goldfinches, tits, bullfinches, wrens, crossbills and others.Elks that were met quite often around the whole of Finland had almost vanished now.


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