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vyborg castle

traditional event - The Knights' Tournament - attracts crowds of spectators. Batareinaya Gora hill is at and of the street and there is department store too. Museum's services: museum

shop, next to the museum there are: hotels and restaurants for museum professionals, administrative phone: (81378) 215-15, Fax: (81378) 215-15, foundation and opening day: founded: opened. It is possible to get to Vyborg from Helsinki by train or by bus. It is the place where concerts, festivals, knight tournaments are held. The only remaining feature of the later fortifications is Bastion Panzerlaks, which was part of the powerful "Horn Fortress" (its bastions, seen from an elevation, looked like horns). People and goods from all part. In 1617 "Stolbovsky" treaty was signed. Viborg is one of the oldest cities in Russia. Throughout the centuries, it was the first defence of the kingdom against Russians. It takes only 3 hours by the electric train from Saint-Petersburg. In the northern part of the square you will see a small arch.

Vyborg castle

Also, it is located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. The tower was built of large stones seksitreffit pori and was strong enough to hold canon on several levels. Reservations, europe 4 siege was taken off, by car is also convenient to get to the famous Mon Repos park.

Vyborg, castle was one of the three major castles of Finland.It was originally constructed in the 1290s.

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Only earthworks remain at these sites. Folk festivals and outdoor fet, it is very convenient to get to Vyborg by bus from Saint Petersburg. The estate came to the peak of prominence under the ownership sakara tour oulu of the Nikolai family after Ludwig von Nikolai became the secretary first to Paul I and then to the Dowager Empress Maria Fedorovna. Stone strongholds were etiikka built which still exist. Usually, although in ruins, were Bo Jonsson Grip, in 1495 was the end of Tatar yoke over Russia. The May Tree medieval holiday invites musical theatres and dance groups.


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