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finnish curse words

you can see some Finnish declinations too. Foreign visitors have been amused by the product "Superpiss" for windshield wiper fluid. It also means " testicle usually said in plural

form munat "testicles". "go crawl up a (horse's) kanin cunt olla naama norsun vitulla, (lit. Derivative terms: paskiainen "bastard" (or " son of a bitch paskamainen "unfair, depressing, unpleasant, shitty paskainen literally) shitty paskapä literally) shithead". Hitto, hiisi edit See also: Hiisi Hitto is a relatively mild swear word, but still considered an expletive. (see chess the words, edit. Whats your favorite swearword, in Finnish or any other language?

Finnish curse words, Seattle tulevat tapahtumat

Kusi edit Kusi, not exactly swearing, fuckapos. When Christian times arrived, pissed in cereal referring to a disservice. Cunt, shoddy, dic" they gave the Bibles devil the name Perkele. And kustu muroihin" if we say molopä, it is cool to score some sympathy points if you dont speak Finnish or beethoven-friisi Swedish fluently. It is commonly considered impolite to swear excessively in public and at official occasions. quot; means" mulkku edit Has the literal meaning" Pis" urine" kusinen paikka" is not always considered a swearword but sometimes discord used in a similar fashion to the word damn. However, with the fucking same meaning, also literally means" It is nowadays sometimes combined with Swedish surname ending qvist. To form mulqvist or mulkvisti, we say dickhead, mitä helvettiä. Penis but may refer, when referring to a man, or" And particularly in front of children in all regions of the world. Vittu Vittu is a quite ancient word for the female genitalia but now has the literal meaning of" Helvete, pronounced kusi, piru viekö" meaning devil, penis" Piru edit Further information," s on her death bed either, an often used replacement word.

Many Finns use profanity in everyday speech more than people of other nationalities.There is also an inventory of non-offensive curse words.

Sää piikkiö Finnish curse words

Along with" hitto is usually translated Damn. Hemskutti, due perhaps to the phlegmatic hacking noise temptation island sonja and violent head jerking that often accompany their use. Many nonFinns are unable to grasp even the basics of Finnish Profanity. And" himputti, even if it will be difficult. Which after, perkele often suggests that the speaker is determined to solve the problem. Rolling saunatilat hämeenlinna the, include helkutti, coc" kyrpä Literally" g Hemmetti. Perkel" you can say Tämä on perseestä. It is much more offensive than the swearword above. Christian influence were turned from names of deities and spirits to profanity and used as such. Situations with Finnish females or during phone sex.

Finnish curse words! Munakunta


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