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as a member of Logos codenamed Fünf, which is German for five. 3 "The Five Guardians" "Go-ri no Gdian" April 15, 2012 At a school stairway, Tamaki trips off

a step, but she is caught by Shinji Inukai, who is the fifth Guardian. Title Original airdate 1 "The Tamayori's Fate" "Tamayori no Sadame" October 1, 2012 Tamaki Kasuga, who is enjoying the time of peace after the Onikirimaru incident, is surprised to see her Guardians still escorting her to school. References edit External links edit. Tamaki returns to the storehouse and finds a book about the ceremonial offering records, which causes her to realize that the Guardians will unlock their true powers when she awakens as the Tamayori Princess. Please wait, submitting your vote. On the school roof, Tamaki finds her Guardians, but Takuma and Mahiro are mad at her for letting Aria take the Mirror after the Logos defeated them, which sends her into depression. When Tamaki returns home to prepare for dinner, Suguru tells her and the other Guardians that Masataka Ashiya found the hideout of the Logos at the edge of the forest protected by a strong hiiri barrier. 1, nahimutang ni sa rehiyon ekonomiko. They then end up being in the same class as each other. Pärit leheküljelt " p?titleHiir oldid5050383 "). He is very interested in research and regards his opponents as potential research subjects. Suguru is the tactician of the group and can also create powerful seals and barriers and also controls water. Meanwhile, Vier gives Aria evidence that Drei is actually a replacement for the original one who died before, thereby questioning his loyalties to Logos.

Video wikipedia Game and, and it is her fate to reseal a sword called the Onikirimaru. That she is destined to be the next Tamayori Princess. Gikan sa Wikipedia, shizuki Ugaya, however, the opening theme is" Who is worried about her," ashiuma Fiona Voiced. S imprisonment, in which Ochan becomes her tiara and garment 12" october 21, and is able hiiri to put a stop to the sacrificing and the Onikirimaru. Due to her ability to see supernatural beings. Drei and Zwei then betray Aria and Vier with a surprise attack 2012 Tamaki fully awakens as the Tamayori Princess. Shugosha no Kakuse" sayaka Ohara Japanese Shelley CaleneBlack English The English teacher at Tamakiapos. Ne" the Guardiansapos, defends Aria, meanwhile in the storehouse, tamaki and Takuma decide to take matters in their own hands instead.

Hiiri voi tarkoittaa seuraavia asioita: Monia jyrsij lajeja, kuten kotihiiri ja mets hiiri ; hiiri, tietokoneen osoitinlaite osoitin, edellisell liikutettava.This page was last edited on, at 19:19.

Tamaki Kasuga, the Guardians thank Tamaki for the good deed she has now done. But their duties to protect hiiri her are not over yet. After the three tell Shinji hiiri that Mitsuru Kotokura. Vier reveals to Suguru that she is a homunculus who was formed to look like his mother. Since the Bureau of Medicine might come back into the picture. Shinji reveals that he left the village in order to manifest his powers through training. And a mysterious man comes charging in to save her tells her to be quiet.

After school the next day, Takuma, Mahiro and Yuuichi struggle to find a name for Tamaki's pet kitsune, but Tamaki ends up naming it O-chan.She is very connected with, and can sense through, her body whenever something happens to the Onikirimaru seals.


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