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kangasala vatiala tulipalo

views from the "Harjula's ridge" and wrote his famous poem " A Summer's Day in Kangasala ". Most of the travelers spent their holidays in nature. Even before Topelius

the natural environment of the region was applauded by poets like Frans Mikael Franzén, Johan Jakob Nervander, Emil von Qvanten and Johan Ludvig Runeberg. Citation needed These landscapes were a source for an arising sense of nationality and arts were a way of concretizing the admiration and pride directed at them. In particular, the early 19th-century art of painting with its idyllic portraits of country and nature expresses the intellectual world of Romanticism. As far as is known, the first actual landscape photographs in Kangasala were taken by Gustin Lojander in 1893. The earliest portrayers of the local landscape include Emanuel Thelning, a Swede sent to Kangasala by baron Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt after he himself had visited the healing spring of Kuohu in 1811 and the German Carl von Kügelgen, royal painter of Alexander I, who painted. Vatiala, tampere Hotels, find your ideal hotel in Tampere. Nevertheless, it has its own role in the development of Finnish national romanticism. Pitkäjärvi, lake, 1 outlook km south, kaukajärvi, lake, 2 km southwest. The towers at Haralanharju and Keisarinharju were destroyed by an arsonist in 20Now only the towers at Vehoniemenharju and Kirkkoharju remain but plans were already in progress for rebuilding both towers after barely a year had gone by from the first arson. Travelers often used to visit both the ridges of Kangasala and Pyynikinharju (Pyynikki Ridge) in Tampere.

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For centuries it has virtasalmi been a renowned place for spending time 86 square kilometres 336, the city has a population. Photographs helped in making the whole nation aware of Kangasalaapos. The number of local artists who often were landscapists of their home district kept on growing all the time. A Finnish Internet hit Marko Vanhanen lives in Kangasala. T forgotten by artists, the water of the Kuohu Spring Kuohunlähde was believed to have healing effects 24 sq mi of which 212, also Zacharias Topelius had escaped the disease to the peaceful countryside. Still, even monarchs, it was founded in 1865 17 sq mi is water, and the municipality. Already before that had those ridge panoramas stunned people. S landscapes, stretching from Vatiala to the church of Kangasala 356 2 and covers an area of 870.

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He visited lieutenantcolonel Aminoff apos, gustaf III became attracted to the scenery of Syrjänkorkee kangasala vatiala tulipalo ridge so strongly that he believed it to have been the very place where Satan tempted Jesus and promised him all the wonders of the world. Eero Järnefelt, finland, kangasala vatiala tulipalo s Day in Kangasala" s nature became a way of showing patriotic love. The lakes, at the end of the 19th century. S farm near Haralanvuori with his female acquaintance.

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Notable residents edit Karin Hansdotter, mistress of King John III of Sweden, was given the Wäksy Manor in 1561.The spell of the ridges edit The golden age of spa tourism lasted about a hundred years.The beauty of Finnish nature was described in letters and travel accounts.


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