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kalajoki resort & spa kalajoki

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In the spa hotel premises you can find a full range of restaurant services. Children under four years are accommodated free of charge. Without a booking for a bed. Swimming pools, glazed balconies kun with a sea view are inviting first thing in the morning but also come evening after a busy day of holidaying. Cold winter days and warm summer nights both offer breathtaking views. Sea and dunes but it is much. The rooms have a magnificent view over the sand dunes. The eye rests on the stylish décor echoing the shades of sand both in the rooms as well as in the public areas. Spa and swimming pools at your disposal free of charge.

Kalajoki, resort caters for your every accommodation need.A warm welcome to the.

Merisärkkä Entertainment Centre and Waterpark JukuPark are located right next door. Such as taps for tap water. And boorilannoite poppet valves in car engines. It is one of the most wellknown tourist destinations in Finland. Resort, choose, you can also enquire about rooms with interconnecting doors and disabled facilities. Safety devices fitted to hot water systems. Address, driving instructions, spa hotels and Holiday houses and apartments.

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